A Birth Doula:
✨Provides informational, physical, and emotional support to the birthing person during pregnancy and childbirth
✨Attends birth and offers: trained comfort measures, advocacy for birth preferences, continuous labor support, and knowledge of techniques which promote better birth outcomes
✨Supports birthing person for the initial postpartum phase
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The comfort of having an objective, third-party attendant at your birth who can help advocate for you and support your journey means the world to so many birthers. A doula encourages your curiosity, identifies meaningful resources for your building knowledge, and creates a safe space for you to express your needs and feel heard. One sentiment I love to keep in mind in this work is the differentiation between “do-ing” and being a doula. Sometimes the best way to be a doula is to just be, rather than do. Learning to balance the do-ing and the be-ing is the beautiful work of doula – one that is carefully practiced and nurtured. Your doula should be a person in whose presence you feel calm, positive, and seen.

A birth doula is the person in the room that is there just for your wellbeing. While other members of the birth team have responsibilities that may divest their attention to baby or other matters, your doula is holding space for you. Whether that means giving you a hip squeeze during an intense surge, mirroring your breathing to keep you focused, or reminding you that you can do this – nothing matches a doula’s dedication! When making the decision of who to work with, do your research and trust your intuition. You deserve all the support for your transition into parenthood.


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