Sam’s communication style and strong people skills make her a perfect match for the doula role!  Sam is the kind of person who you end up spending more time than you realize talking to, because of how intently she listens.  She has captured the hearts of all 5 of our family members in the time that we’ve worked with her. Her calm demeanor, organizational skills, and strong knowledge of newborns made working with her such a wonderful experience.  Sam not only spent time with my older boys and developed meaningful relationships with them, but was also able to navigate the newborn stage with ease.  Her knowledge of feeding schedules, naps, and her ability to take in information regarding changes in baby’s schedule/routine never ceases to amaze me!  My husband and I thoroughly enjoy Sam’s company.  She’s a pleasure to be around, and when we are not home we feel nothing but the utmost confidence that our kids are in a safe and nurturing environment!