At The Budding Belly, LLC. we are dedicated to providing holistic and gentle support to birthing and postpartum people. Our mission is deeply rooted in:

  • trusting nature and the wisdom of the human body
  • acknowledging the importance of each individual’s lived experience related to both birth and postpartum, and
  • offering equitable, culturally-aware, affirming care

We recognize the current injustices within our medical and healthcare systems, and work diligently to do our part in rectifying those wrongs. Anti-racism and social justice reform are the heart of our work here, as we strive to provide the most conscious care possible to all people within our community.

Birth has the potential to be an empowering, ecstatic event in your life. The Budding Belly, LLC. aims to hold space and advocate for this human right, so that your birth experience may blossom gracefully into a beautiful parenting relationship with your baby. We also serve within the postpartum space, assisting in healthy recovery using mindful comfort measures and strong community resources to bolster you with support.